Camp Rules

SOS Outdoor Centre Rules

When visiting SOS Outdoor Centre, visitors must adhere to the following rules at all times:

1. The PROPERTY and equipment belonging to the Centre must be properly cared for and left in its correct place, e.g.;
1.1 MATTRESSES may not be removed from the bunks and beds;
1.2 TABLES, BENCHES and CHAIRS must be returned to their proper place before departure.

2. CLEANLINESS AND TIDINESS: A high standard of cleanliness and tidiness must be maintained at all times. Before a group departs, they must see to it that:
2.1 ALL dormitories, toilets, kitchen, hall, etc, are thoroughly clean;
2.2 the SITE outside the dormitories, at the pool and playing fields is thoroughly clean.

3. SWIMMING is allowed at your own risk.

4. No Climbing or sitting on the FENCES, GATES and MOUNTAINEERING WALL (near the swimming pool) is allowed.

5. FIRES are only allowed at the prescribed fireplace area. The fire must be extinguished thoroughly after use.

6. No FOOD or DRINK is allowed in the dormitories.

7. CUTLERY and CROCKERY must not be washed in the ablution block.

8. The RIVER must not be polluted. Remember it is your drinking water!

9. CURFEW: 23:00. SPEED LIMIT: 25 km/h.

10. The PRIVACY of permanent staff must be respected.

11. No PETS or other ANIMALS may be brought to the Centre.

12. No balloons are permitted on site, as they are harmful to our animals when ingested.

13. No paintball, or any form of paint based game, whether biodegradable or not, will be allowed anywhere on the premises of SOS without express prior permission. Non-adherence of this rule will cause the breakage deposit to become forfeit in total.

14. VEHICLES are not allowed on the grass, pastures and at the pool.

15. No-one is allowed in any enclosure housing ANIMALS. GATES must be kept closed at all times.

16. No MISBEHAVIOUR is allowed.

17. SMOKING is allowed at designated areas. Camp leaders are to ensure that the area remains clean.

18. No trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, animals or bird life may be DAMAGED or HARMED in any way.

19. No FIREARMS, explosives, etc, are allowed.

20. No excessive use of LIQUOR will be tolerated.

21. The storerooms, pump house, etc, are OUT OF BOUNDS.

22. Groups must stay within the BOUNDARIES of SOS property and may not, under any circumstances, trespass onto neighbouring property.

23. All BREAKAGES and defects must be reported to the duty person.

24. No BALLGAMES are allowed in the halls.

25. GAS AND WATER must please be used sparingly as the supply is limited. Groups must shower at specific times and not throughout the day.

Monies will be deducted from the deposit if these rules are not adhered to. SOS Outdoor Centre accepts no responsibility for any loss suffered through fire, theft, loss or damages by any other means. For your safety, we recommend that you keep your belongings safe and all doors locked at all times.